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One of the biggest challenges of the contemporary Christian is to live a BALANCED LIFE. The imbalance has brought many christians to a place of burn out, loneliness, dissatisfaction, divorce, physical and emotional instability and in the end – to a failing ministry.

Johann and Annalena have pastored different churches in South America and like each of us they have experienced the consequences of the unbalanced way of life. One of the books that changes their life is “Emotonally Healthy Spirituality: Unleash a Revolution in Your Life in Christ” by Peter Scazzero. They start to practice the principles that the author of the book shares and experience a great transformation in their family and ministry. Later they are trained to facilitate seminars, during which they guide the participants through a process of a spiritual and emotional healing, as well as develop in them skills to lead a more complete life.

For several years Johann and Annalena conduct seminars in complex PromisedLand:

Level 1: “Get to know yourself better, to get to know God better.”

Level 2: “Become a different type of person.”

Level 3: “Live a good and beautiful life trough spiritual formation.”

The three parts have an upgrading element, that’s why it’s important to participate in them consequently.