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What is Quest?

Quest is a 5.5 day catalyst to realize who you are and what you are capable of. Everything else will be set aside for the purpose of passionate pursuit. The singular focus and elimination of the daily routine will posture you for realization of your potential for extraordinary. As you draw closer, you will not be disappointed in the faithful response.

Will you tell me more?

Though some refer to it as a “retreat,” the term doesn’t do it justice with what “retreat” typically brings to mind. Some have called it an “intensive sabbatical,” a time away without distractions of our busy lives. Each person walks away describing it differently. For some, it’s about their identity in Christ, others describe restoration from being spiritually dry or empty, and some have said that while on the event they found salvation and freedom. Quest has also been compared to a spiritual workout, and much like a physical workout there’s warm-up, the workout itself, and cool-down.Quest includes 30 days of Preparation leading up to the event. This is intended to allow appropriate time to mentally and spiritually prepare for the event through prayer, guided daily Bible study, time to get to know a little more about the attendees and staff you are going with on the event, as well as additional reading. The Prep is sent out via email as PDF files, and communication with the ministry team is handled through email after Prep begins. The 30 days of follow-up is to help you stay connected with those that went with you on the event, provide continued resources for prayer and study, and encouragement to remain in and rely on the Word of God and Holy Spirit as you continue to walk out your faith with your church home.

Who can participate?

Every man that seeks God, is at least 18 years of age and is in good mental health.

Who leads the event?

Every Quest is led by a Ministry team, which is usually made up of 8-10 men.