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What is Quest for Oneness?

Too often we settle for good enough. A good enough marriage is not the intention of the union. The intention of the union is to put the nature and character of the One on display. The two become one and the Architect’s original design is shown greater than the mundane counterfeit which might seem good enough. Anything short of the realization of Oneness won’t be acceptable or desirable for your extraordinary marriage.
This is an investment in your marriage; no matter where you’re at currently. This is one of the safest and most encouraging environments you can be in to experience incredible teaching on Supernatural marriage and time together as a couple in pursuit of the heart of the Father.

Will you tell me more?

Quest for Oneness includes 40 days of Preparation leading up to the event. This is intended to allow appropriate time to mentally and spiritually prepare for the event through prayer, guided daily Bible study, time to get to know a little more about the attendees and staff you are going with on the event, as well as additional reading. The Prep is sent out via email as PDF files, and communication with the ministry team is handled through email after Prep begins.

Who can participate?

The husband must have previously participated in the Men’s Quest, and the wife participated in the Women’s Quest.

Who leads the event?

Every Quest for Oneness is led by a Ministry team, which is usually made up of 3-4 families.