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Family vacations are something long awaited, because that’s when the family connects in an extraordinary way!

Our family has tried different types of vacations – alone at the beach (the whole time while there we had to collect seashells, because most of the people on the beach were with Adam’s clothing), alone in the mountain (until a certain time it was interesting, but we ran out of ideas) and … together with other Christian families on a family camp. Well, the first family camp we were at (in 2003), the sleeping conditions weren’t the best, but the fellowship was so wonderful that we didn’t want to leave in the end. That’s why we continued going for several years. We were so excited that from 2010 we also started organizing family camps. First it was one per year, then two, and lately three. Apparently other families also like this experience.

The camp includes 5 nights, and meals for 5 full days. Every day after breakfast we have worship and family devotions. Then we separate the adults and kids in order to discuss biblical subjects in connection with marriage, family and Christian life in general. After lunch the schedule is free – some go for a swim in the pool, others go on walks or just rest, and sometimes we organize group excursions. The nights are for games, fellowship, worship and the last one is … talents night!