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All year round different events are being organized which change the lives of many people.


Every visitor has the opportunity to enjoy the beauty, peace and comfort that fill the place.


Homemade meals with unique thematic names, sending you back to Biblical times.


The area offers a diversity of natural and historical landmarks.


A fundraising campaign to help pay off the debt of PromisedLand.

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Simon Sullivan, UK

“I have experienced the Lord Jesus here, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Lyubo and Tsveti Lyubenovi

“This is the perfect place for rest for the body and spirit. Beautiful and cosy environment, fresh and delicious food, inspiring nature and blessed time of fellowship with the awesome hosts Rali and Bobby. This is the place of escape from the craziness of the big city and all the troubles.”

Elisee, Nathalie and Anouck, France

“Quel pays promis où coulent le yaourt et le miel! Merci pour votre accueil chaleureux, la paix et la joie qui reignent en ce lieu. Dieu soit loùe!”

Mitko and Vanya Dimitrovi

“Unforgettable time in paradise corner. We were embraced with so much love, care, released from all earthly duties.”

Don Morrow, USA

“A joyful, peaceful time with God and family. Beautiful scenery, delicious food, wonderful fellowship.”

Elaine Winstanley, UK

“Thank you for this time of relaxing in your beautiful home, a little bit of heaven here on earth.”

Vladi and Geri Balevski

“Unique atmosphere and hospitality.”

Matt and Jessica Laster, USA

“Thank you for the hospitality. This place is beautiful. It was a huge blessing to be able to stay here.”

Maria Muhtarova

“God did incredible things in my life! He touched me, healed me, revived, refreshed, rebuked and satisfied. All of this and more! I wouldn’t trade for anything the freedom which I received during my encounter with Him! I received peace, joy, wisdom! New life! The best is yet to come!”

Hari and Zlatka Tateosyan

“Exceptionally blessed place! A result of a God’s miracle. And because God is unlimited, we expect His miracles to continue and this place to become a big complex which testifies of God’s glory and power.”

Tudor Stanean, Romania

“Promised Land is a peaceful place where God can speak and I can listen.”

Svilen and Megi Orozki

“For us it was a real place of rest and refreshment in God’s presence - you have created everything needed for the necessary atmosphere.”

Michaela Lawrence, UK

“A wonderful, warm, welcome place to stay. Amazing hosts. Thank you.”

Veselin Tonov

“I thank God that I had the opportunity to come here. I had fabulous time with God.”

Veselin Tonov

“I thank God that I had the opportunity to come here. I had fabulous time with God.”

Daniel Cadar, Romania

“A beautiful and welcoming place. Perfect to meet God in a new and fresh way!”

Pavlina Krasteva

“Incredible! I am impressed by everything! God has granted this place with unique nature and the hosts with a huge heart. The base is equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant stay, it has all the comfort.”

Tamyra Franks, USA

“The presence of the Lord is in this place. Enter into your rest.”

Plamen Kosev

“This was the most incredible time with God for me.”

Michael and Joan Keller, UK

“From the moment we arrived, we have been abundantly blessed! From the lovely comfort of the upper room, to the refreshment of the pool, the delicious food … This will be the highlight of our Bulgarian holiday. But most importantly, the loving kindness of our hosts will forever remain in our hearts and sustain us until our return.”

David Savov

“Very blessed time. Peace and rest in the heart.”